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I just can’t get over the emotion evident on his face here.

To think that…when he visited Carl in his office at Cornell as an applicant and Carl reached back, grabbed one of his books, signed it, and handed it to him…that one day, all too soon, Carl would be gone. And that he, Neil, would be called upon to host a Cosmos reboot.

Oh, the feels, the feels, the sciencey feels!

This is so damn amazing, dude! ;-;

Dat feels


The scan of my self portrait ._.

I think the scan looks even crappier than the photo… IDK maybe I can’t draw or I’m ugly as hell

The background shows geometry of space-time and general relativity. The 0s and 1s are binary and are the fibonacci series. The fibonacci series is also combined with the expansion of our universe wich I connect in the sense of “everything builds up each other”…

Then there’s something about fractals and the eulers identity…If you want know more, look here:

At school we should draw a self-portrait with a background which describes our personality and things we like…

Yo… The Sagan quote is also in the foreground ^^ :P

…and of course physx! 


I had the pleasure of doing an interview this week with Judy Woodruff — one of the all-time great newspersons — for the PBS Newshour on Cassini; our glorious Day the Earth Smiled mosaic of Saturn, its rings, and planet Earth; and my work with Carl Sagan. It aired last night on PBS Newshour.

Woodruff also inquired about what it would take to keep Cassini going, which gave me the opening to talk about all the work we have remaining to do in the Saturn system over the next four years and the threat of termination that Cassini faces. You can watch this part of my interview, which is only available online, on the Newshour website. Let’s hope it does some good in keeping our mission and its extraordinary adventures at Saturn going.

I also, earlier in the week, did a radio interview for Colorado Public Radio in which I covered, at greater length, much of the same material.

I hope everyone had a very happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy and stay well!

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